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Azureus Superseed question...

So I've never uploaded a show using Azureus. I found the option for Superseed. Now I have a couple questions since I can't get the Wiki page to load atm:

Is there a way to be able to see that the torrent is in fact in Superseed mode?

Is if this is going to apply to all torrents? Do I have to switch it back when I'm done with the upload?

Can I seed one thing in non-Superseed and one in Superseed? (I know ideally you want to only seed the show you're uploading to give it bandwidth, but I can't seem to not be the only seed on a show or two. The person that finally finishes just leaves instead of stidking around for the rest of them and I have a show that was sent to me to upload and I promised and it's taking too long for me to have a completey clean torrent plate.)

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