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Re: Expansion of SHN > FLAC question

I'm not sure what the big "hubbub" is about this to anyone with problems on the conversion.
I have shows downloaded from STG that I converted from SHN to FLAC...then when the show came up later on EZT (in the original SHN format) all I did was convert my FLAC files back to SHN, verified they were good via the original md5,...and then assisted in seeding-no problems.

Regardless of whether you take the original SHNs and convert them to FLAC (or vice versa), as long as you keep the original fingerprint or md5 for verification purposes of the original format they are the same.
If you run into someone who screams about the show originally being in SHN format because they have the md5 from some online archive you can always convert your FLAC back to SHN for purposes of trading.

For data purposes a WAV=FLAC=SHN (unless your program burped at some point...but that's what verification is for). It's no different from zipping or rarring a regular data file anywhere on your computer, you should be able to extract to a perfect match of the original.
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