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Re: Matrix mix?

Just a little FYI

The reason (that I know of) we have many sbd + audience recordings called matrix mixes is because Dan Healey (gdead) called his mixes matrix mixes and acomplished them as follows in the 1984-1989 timeframe

Using a beta recorder with beta HI-FI sound and a PCM-F1 digital encoder he did the following (or variations of)

he put the Soundboard into the F1 which fed the video track and he put the microphone (which was usually located dead center in front of the board and delayed, into the beta HI-FI audio track. Usually was a single point stereo mic... can't remember a model; in 1987 and 1988 an AKG (212??? 412???)

So... post show he could take a cassette and record the show onto it with the level between audience and SBD adjusted as he preferred

I don't know who to attribute the word ultramix and ultramatrix to as these were both used in dead trader circles probably in reference to ultrasound a label for their sound system during that period (crest amps, gamble board, meyer sound lab speakers, active feedback and a host of other items
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