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Re: I've got flac files on CDs -

Originally Posted by Five
^^^what they said.

plus, before you create the torrent:

This might not be necessary, but I've read that sometimes there's trouble when trying to create a torrent from read-only files. To easily fix this:
1) right-click the folder you just copied to your computer and select "properties"
2) uncheck the "Read-only" box and click "Apply"
3) select "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files" then click "OK"
4) click "OK" to exit properties.

Now the next part is a must: If the set is SHN or APE, check the md5s! If your set is FLAC, drag and drop all the FLACs into FLAC frontend and click "Test". I was at a friend's place recently and it sometimes took several attempts to get data files off of data cdrs before they passed these tests.
Yeah... I got my initial question answered, and then never checked back to see if anyone had anything else to say before I created my torrent file and posted it. Everything seems to be going okay, so hopefully people won't be posting messages after they complete the download saying they're having problems. Could you maybe post these guidelines in with the rest of the seeding guidelines? I would have been easily able to check the FLAC files before making my torrent, but like a fool didn't even think to do it since nobody told me to beforehand.
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