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Re: vinyl to flac?

Originally Posted by moemusic
Did you see that A&E live show? It was a great show. I had sent an email to about a dozen people I had recently traded with about a week before the show. Only 2 responded and one said not interested. After teh show aired, I heard from 6 more people wanting it and one was the guy who said not interested lol.

I do have some jcm show I got in audio format. One is from 84 and is mostly an accoustic set on the famed wmms coffee break show in cleveland. But the other shows are great with lots of the oldies all soundboard. Check your pm's as I'll send you a link to my list if you're interested.
thanks you've got one at the agora '84 that looks great, we'll have to set something up in the new year. I didn't catch the A&E show, maybe if I start listening to some JCM shows I'll get the fever again... it's been 20ish years since I was a heavy listener. I think I really got "turned off" around the time when that video for "Pop Singer" was on TV. I really loved the American Fool, Uh-huh, Scarecrow-era stuff back in the day.
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