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Re: Does Westwood One put out CDRs?

For the people who have silver Westwood originals - are they definitely pressed or could they be silver-bottomed CDRs? Check for the presence of an IFPI code both pressed in the inner-most plastic ring of the disc and written in the inner-most silver ring. Alternatively/additonally, use EAC (Write... CD-R... Display Information) to see if a dye-type can be identified - if it can't then the CD is pressed silver. To me it would seem very very weird for Westwood one to spend such large amounts of money getting discs pressed when they can only need a few copies every time.

For John, is there any sign (label seam round the edge) that the printing is applied via a clear sticker rather than thermally printed onto the disc. If it's a label then I'd say it was more likely to be an unofficial CDR.
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