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Re: I need some windows help

First of all look and see if there's still a folder for Nero (Ahead) anywhere in your Programs folder. If so then manually delete what's left. Sometimes programs don't get rid of everything when they uninstall. If there was anything for you to get rid of see if that did it.

If not, try going to the pull down menu: tools > folder options
Then go to the File Types tab.

This lets you associate files/folders with different types so that may help. Nero probably made them associate a certain way but you should be able to change it back.
Go to the File Types tab, and then into advancced. For my File Folder the Actions listed are:
Enque in foobar2000
Play in foobar2000
Browse with ACDSee
Generate MD5 Signatures

See what yours says. Maybe it's telling them to open with search. IF so delete that action.

If you can get to the individual files, right click on them and check properties (at bottom of list). You can change the program that file is associated with there. You just need to change one file then it will set all of that type of file.

Hope this does it.
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