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Re: Modīs, please allowed MP4 video to trade on TTD

Interesting not to allow something that may be the native format of the recording. All videos taken with my phone are mp4 from the get-go. To share them here they'd have to be re-encoded to mpeg2, which would create a loss in quality. That's defeating the purpose of this site: maintaining the highest quality. I've got whole concerts recorded with a phone that can't be shared here, and they are excellent quality.

The same goes for TV captures. The DVR may save as an mp4, so any conversion to an acceptable format is creating quality loss. Original formats should be honored no matter what they are. I personally am rooting for mkv to be allowed as well, because that's how I add the audio made with my recorder to the video taken with my phone without re-encoding the video.

I've personally never understood the industry's use of mpeg 2 as a codec for manufactured discs. That thing is from the 90s and totally obsolete. We wouldn't need 50 gb bluray discs if they allowed x264 and x265 codecs to be used on DVDs. All that bloated data on the bluray would fit in a few gigs
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