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Re: vinyl to flac?

Originally Posted by moemusic
Well, The only work i've done is on albums I have that never made it to cd. I've dated myself lol.
no shame in that, I'm from the vinyl era! When you do the tutorial, it would be cool if you chose something where people could pull up the "before" sample and follow your steps to make it exactly like the after sample. I'm sure you can dig something up!

Originally Posted by moemusic
Thanks for the reminder. I usually run the NR at 70%. There's some other settings like fft, precsion factor and such. Can't recall what I use off hand. I'll have to pull my recipie out since i haven't done any recording since my last format.
Yeah, all those are worth playing around with... the funniest thing I found is that I got better results with lower fft numbers. This seems to defy logic but my ears don't lie! I seem to recall finding a scientific explanation for this recently but have since forgot it lol.

Originally Posted by moemusic
Thanks for the link for the image shack. I'll get to work on a tutorial. Maybe I can have it done in 7-10 days. Don't hold that to me tho hehe
it's a busy time of the year for all of us, whenever you can get to it is fine by me.

Originally Posted by moemusic
Now, are there any John Cougar Mellencamp Fans? If so, I recorded his 11-11-04 A&E live by request show onto my computer. I edited the show to remove all the commercials, talking and such so that it sounds like a continous show. If anyone's intersted in seeding the show, pm me and maybe we can work out a small trade or bnp.
I used to listen to John a lot back the early 80's... I would love to get a couple shows from the Uh-huh and Scarecrow tours but I never see that stuff around! Please lemmie know if you've got this.
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