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Re: Is this allowed?

The iAudio player is definitely out, for the reasons you said. I did a quick search on the iRiver and it looks like it only records in mp3 mode too (someone can correct me).

As for the MD player, this is from our Audio BitTorrent Seeding Policy (in the FAQ):
11. Mini-disc is accepted ONLY if it's from the original source master.
Quite simply, mini-disc uses a compression format which decreases the quality of a recorrding slightly from true CD quality. Since there are many excellent sounding MD sources in circulation, these are accepted provided that the original recording was made with an MD. Converting from other formats into MD and then to lossless audio is prohibited. Also, shows that have been through multiple MD generations are prohibited. Please seed your MD masters directly to lossless files, but keep the quality as good as possible by not seeding multiple gen MD stuff.

Please record in the normal recording format though (SP), not in LP2 or LP4 since those are of lesser quality.
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