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Old 2004-12-05, 11:43 AM
Is this allowed?

I'm pretty sure the answer will be a big fat "no you mong!", so i'll make this brief. I have three options for recording live shows.
1) A friend of mines iRiver iHP120.
2) My brand spanking new iAudio M3L
3) An old minidisc player (in sp, lp2 or lp4 mode).

Now, my brandspanking new iAudio player only records to mp3 (up to 320kbps) with the line in. So i presume this wouldn't be allowed. I'm not sure what format the iriver records to, so i'd need someone to tell me if it'd be allowable or not to seed something recorded using that. And the minidisc i would assume would be out of the question, what with it being a highly compressed format even in SP mode.
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