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Re: Matrix mix?

There are several ways to achieve a "matrix" mix, almost all of them inaccurately named, as a true matrix mix is derived from a physically aligned pair of cardiod microphones that are decoded at the mixing board (preamp) before they are recorded.

In reality, the combination of a Soundboard and Audience source of the same show should be technically considered a "blend", since the origination sources are not aligned in time or necessarily, in phase.

In addition, if an analog audience source is re-syncronized to a soundboard source after the fact, it may not run at the same speed/pitch as the SBD, making their recombination a potentially excruciating process.

There are a whole bunch of other issues that arise when discussing these type of recordings, mostly involving the physics of sound and how it travels through the air and everything else that affects the reproduction of physical sound, up to and INCLUDING the weather conditions, both indoor and outdoor at the time of the gig. (I kid you not).
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