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I get three really nice smooth noise samples beginning and ending on the zero crossings with no bumps. Now how do I appy this? I could run nr 3 times, using the first sample for the first 6.5 minutes, second sample for the next 6.5 minutes, third sample for the last 6.5 minutes... I'm concerned that it won't be seamless or am I over-analyzing?
Glad you all like that forum. There's a lot of knowledgeable people there that are willing to help. I've asked questions and the response time is fairly quick.

Trying to filter noise that's in the background of music is rather difficult and I agree that this should be left to professionals. I'd never attempt it. Not yet any way. But you'd be surprised at how much noise you can filter out just by using a noise profile from the sound card (silent wav) and at teh beginning and end of an lp.

I share your concerns about the masses trying to use filters. Maybe a system could be set up for people to record their lp's and send the wavs/shn's to someone here that can do the noise reduction. Definitely not for the mases to try since there's alot of...well let's just say well meaning but inexperienced people.

Over analyzing? Or just gun shy? When you make a noise profile all you are doing is taking a known noise sample and removing it. IF the noise exists it's removed. If it doesn't exist nothing is done.

When running a nosie filter in this manner you can watch the wav form change when the noise is filtered out. Run the noise filter again and no change. Try it

In your example, it wouldn't matter if you ran all 3 profiles over each section. It's just more work. I've found that when i use a noise profile say from the silence at beginning of the track, not much is left for the noise profile at teh end of a track. But use the noise profile at teh beginning of the lp on the last track and then run the noise profile at teh end of the lp and you'll see more noise is filtered. That's from the physics of playing an lp. Too deep for me to understand fully but I don't need to lol..

Now I must emphize that when taking a silent sample for a noise profile it's very important that no music is present. I get to the end of a track, crank up the volume (my puter's hooked to stereo) and listen to find the place where's there's no music. Even a string slightly vibrating can affect teh music since it's part of the profile. If the beginning of the next track fades in then I write the time down for the end of a track and find where the sound is beginning. You only need a small sample. I try to get a 2-3 second sample. But sometimes yuo can't get that.

Another thing. Make sure any clicks/pops are removed in teh area you're taking your sample from.

If useful, I can write a tutorial complete with screenshots. I don't have the web space for images tho.

And if anyone doesn't have a problem with trading outta print material, I'd be glad to send someone a before and after sample and I'm sure you'll agree the noise reduction technique here is worthy of mastering vinyl boots. PM me if ya want a sample. I'll send something to one operson and they can be the ears of the group and/or pass it around.

One group from the late 70's early 80's I've worked on is the Rockets. A detroit area band with guitarist Jim McCarty formly of mitch ryder and cactus. I've recorded and cleaned up all 5 of their studio albums.

Oh about that forum. I believe many people are muscians and am not sure how they'd take to free distribution of boots so might want to conceal this.
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