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Re: My bootleg themed podcast...

New episode of the podcast is now up.
Please listen as I pay tribute to the late ‪#‎GlennFrey‬ & ‪#‎TheEagles‬
Needless to say some great music in this one. I know a number of musicians have passed away in the last few weeks. Each one affects different people in different ways. Bowie's passing affected a lot of people with not only his music but fashion stylings.....but for me Glenn's death hit just a little more closely. I have been a big Eagles fan, especially early Eagles, for a long time. I always liked Glenn back in those days...his style, singing, writing & playing. Again, please join me by listening to this episode to pay tribute to him as we check out some live recordings of many of the great Eagles songs he sang.
RIP Glenn


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