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Re: RIP Karmakat

Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
Kat truly loved music. She had this drive and enthusiasm, this desire to help musicians achieve their dreams. Sure, you may never play Carnegie Hall, but if you never play that next club gig, you're guaranteed not to. You wanna write that song? Do it. Wanna play that club, or book that tour, work with that band? Do it. Push for it. She joked that she was a Muse, and in some ways, she was.
I'll say, not that I'm a musician but reading this reminded me that I just recently acquired a shit ton of Tommy Bolin mp3's all because I read her going on and on about him, not even to me, I think it was Homebrew she was talking to and he was telling her which she needed to round out her collection lol. Of course I had heard of Tommy Bolin before but never really gave a shit, but her enthusiasm prompted me to see what the fuss was about once and for all and I intended on cross referencing with her about what I did or didn't like and vice versa..I'm really sorry it ain't gonna happen, she was a great pen-pal and I realize how much I just assumed she'd be there when I was ready to go at it with her about Mr Bolin and it just brings another layer of sadness to the news.

ps (and I have all the Zephyr shit too)
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