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Re: RIP Karmakat

Kat could be brutally concise, or rambling. Sarcastic, or very caring.

She got dealt a lot of pain & trouble in her life, some by her own hand, but she used
that to hone a true compassion for people. She lived through some situations that might destroy many people, but she maintained a positive attitude most of the time.

Kat truly loved music. She had this drive and enthusiasm, this desire to help musicians achieve their dreams. Sure, you may never play Carnegie Hall, but if you never play that next club gig, you're guaranteed not to. You wanna write that song? Do it. Wanna play that club, or book that tour, work with that band? Do it. Push for it. She joked that she was a Muse, and in some ways, she was.

It was heartwarming when she finally followed her own advice. When talking about her interviews & writing about local music, her enthusiasm was overflowing. She seemed so much more about her subject than her byline--it was about sharing this musician and the music she loved, not about getting credit for the story.

I'll always appreciate the long talks we had on the phone, discussing a myriad of topics, mostly music-related, but occasionally whatever life had thrown at either of us over the years. Deciphering that east Texas drawl could be like reading Braille made of syrup sometimes but her warmth always came through.

I'm gonna miss her.
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