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Re: Karmakat in ICU

Kat was a wonderful person who accepted the fact that she was batshit crazy, and just rolled with it. She was unapologetic, and lived life on her terms. She was the very first person to "welcome me" (to be read as jumping me in) to the lounge, and we shared many special times and private side conversations throughout the years. She just turned 50, which is WAY to young to leave this world behind, but I wish her well on her journey, where ever that may take her.

I know she was an eternally twirling dead head, and lived her life according to a lot of those lyrics (which at some very low times, saved her life). I searched high and low, and one verse stood out among all the others. She was a HUGE Robert Hunter fan, and I would like to believe that he wrote this verse a long time ago for times like these, and people like Kat...

Leaving Terrapin

Render us your blessing,
to multiply in kind
Send your mercy down among us
the lame and halt and blind
Let us rest at ease and if
you die before we do
leave us words of love and peace
to stand instead of you

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