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RIP Karmakat

That's all the info I have at this time. I know Kat has alot of friends here who will be praying for her.

Update 12/1/15
Alx Wyzy
12 mins

It is with great sorrow that I am to announce that my mother, Karlyn Perkins Sugg, has just passed this morning. This has been a truly tragic event that no one expected.

Early Saturday afternoon she was taken to the hospital after suffering from a large hemorrhage in her brain. The doctors did all they could do but with the location of the bleed we were told it was inoperable. She was kept on life support with little chance of recovery until this morning when her heart stopped working, and I had to make the call.

I find peace knowing that she was very loved by those around her, and had so much support by friends and family around her. She was a great woman who helped a lot of people through tough times. Her heart was definitely in the right place.

I love you mom. This was way too soon, but I know you'll find your way to the ultimate bonus round.

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