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The future of TTD Donations

After 11 years of accepting PayPal donations for our server costs, PayPal has determined that we have violated their User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy and they have frozen our account. No matter what I said about the legality of our sharing torrent files with the permission of the bands, they don't seem to care about that at all and have stood by their decision to freeze and then close our account in 180 days. After that point, they will return the money in the account and then terminate our account. (I just wanted to also note that we are not the only torrent site that they have done this to recently.)

What does this mean to the future of The Traders' Den server costs? It means that as of right now, the only way we may accept donations is via check or money order. So, if you wish to donate to our server costs, please PM me and I will send my address.

Just to note, our server costs are $88.99 a month. We have survived for 11 years because we have such awesome users and they have always contributed and made sure our server costs are met. I know that our PayPal account had another three months of costs in it, but I will not have access to that money for another five months.
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