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Re: Help with uploading

Originally Posted by Peto View Post
I would like to raise my pitiful ratio, but I have not the skills/ knowledge/time to pull off every info that is required to upload a torrent/check if it will pass. So I would like someone to cooperate with me - I will send you shows with all info I could gather via free online service , you would upload/torrent it it and I would jump on seeding.
If anyone agrees with such cooperation, please send me a message here in this thread. Two participants would be optimal, as we all have other things to do and one may he time when the other one does not. Thanks.
I guess I would be the right person for you as my Internet speed is awfully sloooow. Only about 22 kb/s for uploading Data.
I know, this is Stoneage Internet, but I can not get a better connection right now....
My Ratio is so good at the Moment, because I was able to be tester for a Seedbox for some time, (this helped raising the Ratio a lot), but this tests are over ...

So, I really would like to help you by starting a torrent (or more torrents) for you and you can seed it to help raising your Ratio.
As for the reasons, I've written above, I KNOW very well what a low Ratio means...

Contact me, if you like
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