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Re: vinyl to flac?

Originally Posted by Five
Now, you're getting into using Effects>Noise Reduction>Noise Reduction which is what RainDawg would call a black art (it seems that he's calling everything a black art these days--just kiddin' ). In the pro audio world you're dealing with real audio engineers but over here we're in the land of audiophiles, some of whom are completely against nr after seeing too many shows "fixed up" by amateurs and subsequently ruined from using heavy handed nr of this kind. People trying this for their first and second time will have a lot of trouble hearing the artifacts, this is how it was for me too. I had to have a friend tell me "I can hear the nr working, you fucked it up" before I became aware.
Hey, wait just a damn minute here What am I calling a black art? I know I called DVD burner/media combos black art. Oh, that and clip restoration. Well, you're right....throw noise reduction in there too I guess . But, in the case presented here, where a selection of "perfect noise" (that characterstic of the system) is being intentionally recorded, it is fairly simple to gather it's profile and remove just that from the remainder of the recording. I'd still recommend that someone pay close attention and ask for a peer-review before distributing it, but it's nearly not as much a hand-waving act as tackling noise reduction head-on with an unknown source. The hardest part of it is having the ear to find the noise buried under the music...with a sample like this, he doesn't need to do that.

I learned the ills of Noise Reduction the hard trading for stuff where people had abused it. I developed such a disgust for it, that I started reading more on how it works, and then trying it my own ways.....just to make sure I could make accurate criticisms of those recordings I hated. It's not easy...."Remember kids, audio engineers are trained professionals. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!".
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