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Re: Remove The Lounge from "Find New Posts" function?

Originally Posted by Five

let's put our heads together and bring back the good times, okay?

I agree with you, five.

Yet, the two previous and very defensive posts (to yours) seem to be attributing suggestions that I didn't intend. In the future, I'll be much clearer in my wording when offering suggestions.

James, I never said we had a problem between us, but if you'd like to get into a war of words, I'm your huckleberry.

I suggest that you and I take it private, and that way, the moderators can only comment on what is public, like Nina tried to point out when she quoted your public posts.

And was ignored for her trouble.

I still contend that James is much of the problem that he complained about.

As I was a part of it. As I've since tried to rectify that problem and have since tried to stop.

However, I didn't bring it to another site in a thread ridiculing this site and the TTD moderators.

A site where the complaining voice is also a moderator.

Yeah, I figured it out for the most part, and I'm here for sharing the music. Maybe James could have done the same without being catered to and having a moderator "fixing" a problem which really didn't exist, except for what he himself helped to incur.

In other words, I figured it out, and if I could, then maybe James could have also shown the maturity to do likewise.

Originally Posted by u2lynne
And, I'm trying to understand why you don't want people to not see The Lounge. You imply that I don't want people to see it. The New Posts doesn't elimiate The Lounge.
You have totally misunderstood me and are inferring something that I did not actually intend.

I refer to the old rule of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. And in this instance, all I saw was ONE person complaining. And his ONE request was catered to, almost immediately. (Why?)

What I pointed out was that he is as much at fault as are those that he complained about.

And I said so, using the examples where he took that dirty laundry and aired it out elsewhere in public, as if he were totally faultless and clean.

I know I speak like a southerner, but my writing skills are much more consise. I express myself very clearly, though I do use a bit of humor to make a point occasionally.

It was very disingenious to use subterfuge to claim I meant something else.

However, Lynne, this is more your site than mine, but I'm really on your side, and all I was trying to do was to tell you that it ain't so broke that it needed a fix.

It was the fellow complaining that was at fault for the misuse as much as those he was complaining about.

You need proof? Try this quote from this very thread when he thought he wasn't going to get his way:

Originally Posted by jameskg
nevermind... man, this place is become poisoned
The fix was in his hands all the time, all he had to do was to stop throwing gasoline on the fire.
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