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Re: Remove The Lounge from "Find New Posts" function?

Originally Posted by jameskg
freezer, I didn't realize you and I had a problem. I assure you I'll not have anything to do with the lounge anymore.. there's no one left there that made it fun just a few months ago. Most of the stuff nina has quoted above (out of context) was posted in jest, sort of a gentle ribbing... she didn't get it... I thought she would. Whatever.
Ah james, always backtracking. You and I, and others, all know your posts were not "gentle ribbing". I left out the one where you called me numbnuts. I'm still clueless as to why you singled me out from all the others who were posting the same opinions as mine, but if you're going to post at least stand by what you say.

I can't believe you are actually a mod somewhere. Now that's funny.
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