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Re: Remove The Lounge from "Find New Posts" function?

Hey freezer. actually, I'm wanting to make it so people can choose which forums don't show up in New Posts. I have to take it one step at a time on the real site though. James is not the first to suggest being able to only seach certain forums. I thought I would try it with that forum first and try it with Options when I next have time. For testing though, that seems to be the forums to try it out on.

As for that conditional, I think we would just eliminate the post whores with that suggested one. Most people who download on this site don't post.

And, I'm trying to understand why you don't want people to not see The Lounge. You imply that I don't want people to see it. The New Posts doesn't elimiate The Lounge. I just give two options now - All or All without The Lounge. Like I said above, I want to make the 'without' part a User Option. I just need to play with it a bit.
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