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Re: vinyl to flac?

Originally Posted by moemusic
One other thing. Some sound cards can induce noise. So what I do is a make a 2-3 second silent wav before I record. Another on after teh first side of an album is done and another when both sides are done. This is to see if the noise of the sound card changes with time/temperature.

Then I compare these silent waves via the noise profile, If they're pretty close then i just use one as a noise profile to run the noise filter.

Also, what I do is I get a noise profile from the silence at the beginnng of the lp, between tracks, and at teh end of the lp. I then run noise filter using the noise profiles from the silence that surround tracks on each side of the silence. this gets rid of any "needle" noise. Needle noise changes as a function of the needle's distance from teh center. Obviously if you have a live album you can only sample the beginning and end of the lp for noise but that would be fine. Make sure any selection you are getting a noise profile from contains no music. Hafta becareful at track endings and find where the fade is actually silent. Live albums won't have this problem tho.

Now if anyone questions this method of reduceing noise, I'd be glad to provide a before and after sample of an album I've done in this manner. I'm on dial up atm so I'd hafta send a disc through mail.

Here's a good forum tht can address any questions regarding sound forge and cep/adobe aduiton
Thanks very much from me, too, moe! Looks like a fantastic forum now I've got so much reading to do. I never knew there were so many 96/2000/1.2 users out there!

Now, you're getting into using Effects>Noise Reduction>Noise Reduction which is what RainDawg would call a black art (it seems that he's calling everything a black art these days--just kiddin' ). In the pro audio world you're dealing with real audio engineers but over here we're in the land of audiophiles, some of whom are completely against nr after seeing too many shows "fixed up" by amateurs and subsequently ruined from using heavy handed nr of this kind. People trying this for their first and second time will have a lot of trouble hearing the artifacts, this is how it was for me too. I had to have a friend tell me "I can hear the nr working, you fucked it up" before I became aware.

Anyhow, I'm very interested in this technique. I used to have one of those "linear tracking" turntables where the needle was always straight but I haven't seen them around for a long time. Let's say that I transfer a radio transcription disc I have. I get a friend who's a DJ to bring over a Techniques 1200 with topflite needle and phono preamp, then record a side. Side 1 is 20 minutes with a short silent break in the middle where the commercial goes. I get three really nice smooth noise samples beginning and ending on the zero crossings with no bumps. Now how do I appy this? I could run nr 3 times, using the first sample for the first 6.5 minutes, second sample for the next 6.5 minutes, third sample for the last 6.5 minutes... I'm concerned that it won't be seamless or am I over-analyzing?
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