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Re: Remove The Lounge from "Find New Posts" function?

Lynne, maybe the Lounge isn't really the problem, but instead is actually some of the regular shit-stirrers like jameskg who doesn't always get his way.

Check this thread from another site where James is a moderator (well, it says moderator under his name):

Here's one of his quotes from that thread:
They need a member filter:

For any member, IF "ratio" < 0.10 and ("unixdatecurrent"-"unixdatejoined")>30 AND "postcount">200 THEN BAN
(end quote)

Well, according to him, I should be gone, no matter that I've sent out over a dozen shows to be seeded here at TTD.

Yet he's much of the very problem that he complains about.

Lynne, maybe I don't understand the all rules here if you have already acted on his suggestions.

Or maybe all the moderators here at TTD need to make the rules uniform and apply them equally to your friends as well as the folks that your "regulars" don't like.

In the interim, I have a 13 disc set going out to jcrab66 to be seeded.

Does that count for anything?
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