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Re: Site labels me as FIREWALLED, but I am not

Originally Posted by TomTraubertsBlues View Post
I checked on and it said I can not see your service on port 80. I am not tech savvy on this stuff at all. When I first got bittorrent some guy at another site helped me set it up. It doesn't seem to be affecting my ability to use this site though. Do I still need to fix this?
What BT program are you using? As was mentioned port 80 is for email so that should be open. The port you are looking for being open is listed in you bt client. I use utorrent. The post that was default when I d'loaded and installed was 36976. So that said I went into my router and port forwarded 36976 for both TCP and UDP.

This is what I mean by looking at port on your BT program..This is Utorrent's panel showing my port. It might look different if you are using another program
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