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Music loves, sites to see, stuff to learn

I'm wondering if there are any Japanese torrent sites that trade bands native to their country, such as (but not limited to):

Concerto Moon
Double Dealer
Feel So Bad
Tomoyasu Hotei
Saber Tiger
Shima Norifumi

For that matter, are there any sites out there that you enjoy using for your own concert collecting?

I tend to frequent here, also dimeadozen, jamtothis, planetrock & zomb. Was sad to see hungercity went down during my absence.

I listen to lots of odd stuff, not limited to:

Aerosmith (pre-80's)
The Beatles
The Cars
Johnny Cash
Cheap Trick
Chicago (pre-80's) sensing a theme here yet?
Ry Cooder
Miles Davis
Deep Purple
The Doors
Dream Theater
The Flower Kings
Danny Gatton
Benny Goodman
Billy Joel
Elton John
Stanley Jordan
KISS (with Ace Frehley)
Dean Martin
Nightwish (Tarja only)
Gary Numan
Alan Parsons Project
Frank Sinatra
Rolling Stones (pre-80's)
Uli Jon Roth
Rush (pre-80's)
Scorpions (pre-BLACKOUT)
Steely Dan
Symphony X
Steve Vai
Van Halen (Roth only)
Yes (pre-80's)

Yes, yes, yes - child of the 70's, at least my formulative years, anyways.
Would love to hear what joneses everyone else.

My list can be viewed at
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