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Re: ttaders little helper align on sector boundries

Originally Posted by firemt66 View Post
Hello,if I need to do this should I use pad or fix? Thanks
It depends what you're working on. The "pad" function will add null samples (zeroes) to make each file fit to the 75 CD frames per second sector boundaries. If your source is a regular CD album with regular full fade outs and fade ins and gaps between songs, adding some extra blank space (less than an extra 1/75th of a second) between tracks probably makes sense... But it *could* make some slight extra hesitation gaps or clicks...
The "fix" feature will cut the end of a file to the closest 1/75th of a second boundary and add the remainder to the start of the next file in the set. This is useful for gapless live concerts, etc. This is probably the feature that we all want to use here!
Hope that makes sense. Short answer: always use "fix"!
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