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Re: Newbie Uploading Confusion

Originally Posted by spike226 View Post
OK. I downloaded the NEW torrent from the TTD link and overwrote my ORIGINAL torrent. I then open the NEW torrent with Vuze(Free)/Azureus, and it starts to DOWNLOAD the show to my computer! Does this behavior make any sense? Why would it download the show if I was the original uploading seeder? I am really confused now! Any thoughts? Thanks again.
Did you point the new torrent file to the files on your hard drive you meant to upload? If so you should be good and not downloading at all, if you're now downloading I'd guess you didn't direct it to the right folder where your original files are.

If still not working maybe pm a mod in the audio torrent section.

edit: I see you are listed as a leech on your Mike Oldfield 1983-07-22 '10th Anniversary of Tubular Bells' torrent so you must not have that torrent file pointed at your folder, I didn't see you listed on the other torrent.
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