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Newbie Uploading Confusion


I have just started to upload shows to TTD, so please forgive my confusion about the process. I have managed to successfully seed 1 of the 3 shows that I have uploaded to TTD. That was my very first attempt. Since then I have tried twice more, to no avail. These uploaded torrents have lots of leechers attempting download, but nothing is being transferred. I have followed the instructions in the 'How to create an Audio Seed' FAQ, but the transfer rate shows 0.0 kB/sec with more than 30 leechers for more than 12 hours. Can someone suggest how I diagnose whether a problem actually exists?

Also, I am a bit confused about the 10th step in the FAQ:

10. Begin seeding.

Once I have uploaded the torrent, and the new thread is displayed, I assume I click on the link to download a NEW copy of the torrent. Should this NEW torrent overwrite the ORIGINAL torrent that I uploaded, or should it be a COPY with a different file name / location? The FAQ says that this torrent is 'personalized'. What does this mean? The FAQ then says to open the torrent: Should this be the NEW COPY or ORIGINAL torrent?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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