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Re: How to "copy" Flac Fingerprints onto the upload audio page?

Originally Posted by spidergawd View Post
Exactly, because "text file" simply means that each byte in the file corresponds to one of 95 printable or 33 control ASCII characters (or whatever standard is used), regardless of the file's name or extension. You could rename it Bullwinkle.J.Moose if you wanted to, it would still be a text file.
Yes, of course. Changing the suffix just makes the confuser easily recognize that it is just text, and to open it with note/word instead of, well, being confused by a Rocky The Flying Squirrel suffix... hehe

BTW, you'll still need a .ffp file in the torrent - maybe make a copy to change suffixes so as not to screw up the torrent with missing / altered info... Don't make a 99% error by screwing up a file!
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