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Re: What do you think: is this AUD or SBD?

Thanks for your response! Sorry, I am really an amateur, so I have to inquire further:
1.) What exactly is a 'stack tape'?
2.) And if you're willing to explain: what exactly is it about the drums and vocals that enables us to distinguish SBD from AUD?
3.) I first got the idea of this being an AUD recording because there is lots of noticeable crowd noise present here. However, I was not sure - maybe some soundboard recordings (other than the typical 'dry' ones) DO include crowd noise (e.g. when people from the crowd accidentally were very close to one of the microphones intended to record the band)?

Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
Yeah, I agree with your friend and zeptrade, it's an audience recording.
It's a very good one, likely a stack tape.
To me, it's most obvious with the drums and vocals.
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