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Re: Splitting a File

Originally Posted by Eyke View Post
Another thing, remember to Quantize for CD Audio, this moves your markers to the next block. It might be called aligning, depending your preferred software, I use Diamond Cut for editing, but just me.

Good luck.

yeah, that's important to make sure that your split files won't have sector boundary errors if your files will be burned to CD. That's not necessarily as important if files are only played back on the computer or a digital media device. You can cut anywhere, but there are 75 frames per second or blocks or sectors, whatever you wanna call it, to align to. I try and cut to make files that have no fractions - whole seconds with no decimals. That always makes files with no sector boundary errors...

I use Wavelab for the most part for my mastering and editing. While it does automatically split to sector boundaries for those fractional cuts, it only seems to work on 16/44.1 files. I work mostly with 24/96 files so I do it manually in hi res, and then downsample and dither the split files to 16/44.1, and those files are always error free...
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