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Question Would this show violate rule 3?

3. No official or out-of-print material is allowed.
The only exception to this rule is FM broadcasts where a portion of a song has been released as part of a release promo or studio interview. Note that FM broadcasts where a complete officially released song is played are not allowed on our tracker.
Is this saying that, if I record an FM concert broadcast, I cannot seed this show? It's a bit lawyeristic, but I understand why.

There was a FM broadcast via NPR music of a My Morning Jacket show which I captured on my hdd. (WYEP-FM > Emu PCIe > Diamond Cut Audio > 16/44.1 wav) Would I be able to seed this show or is it in violation of rule 3? I kinda think so, but I have a Linda Ronstat show that was recorded from FM, so I guess I'm OK?

Thanks ever so much for your help. I've gotten some nice shows here and want contribute once in a rare while.

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