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Icon4 Re: Why did this Prince torrent get pulled? Mods should say so in every pulled thread.

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
They usually do leave a note about why the torrent was pulled unless the OP themselves asked to have it pulled. I can only think that they were busy at the moment and pulled it and forgot to leave a post.
I bring it up because I seem to see many pulled posts with no posts explaining why. The other side of that is that I've seen pulled threads that have the last post say that it was pulled at seeder's request...

It feels like it happens a lot. I really think it creates confusion with the newer folks here. How can anybody learn something in the best way that there is - by learning from your mistakes - if you aren't told what you did wrong???

I think that if a mod is too busy to make a quick last post to a pulled thread, they're probably too busy to pull the thread in the first place, if not too busy to be a mod! haha

Having said all that, I realize it's all volunteer time and being a mod is often a thankless job. So, to the mods: thank you! I hope you all can find the little bit of extra time to do this little extra thing in the interest of furthering TTD's higher standard of standardness, and keep educating people who post bad torrents.
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