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Icon4 Re: Why do any torrents get pulled? Mods should explain it

I sure do wish that mods that pull a torrent would cite which rules are being broken to actually teach n00b uploaders what they're doing wrong. Without a clear reason for each torrent being stated as the last post for that closed thread, sometimes it looks like a total mystery as to why it got pulled (especially to a newer user who's not totally set clear on all our tougher rules)...

I kinda think it ought to be a rule that a mod should take a few seconds more when pulling a torrent, to a) justify their actions for pulling a torrent, and b) to educate posters as to what they're doing wrong, and c) so threads like this one don't need to be made just to ask "WHY???"

I've reported a torrent or two here when I see that it clearly breaks TTD rules. I then like to make a post in the thread saying what I see wrong with the post because I know that most mods here don't do that. They really REALLY should, IMHO...

MODS: Please, guys, in the interest of education and clarity, please start posting clear reasons why you pull torrents! It creates confusion and anger when it isn't explained... Thanks in advance!
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