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Originally Posted by sonofedg View Post
I'm throwing my hat in this ring, Traders Den NEEDS to allow Webcasts . . .Small Files, Quicker than a VOB file . . .
I buy 200 blank DVDs per week now, before they go away. Costco has discontinued their sales of them, and most stores such as Staples, Best Buy, Office Depot, etc. are saying the end is near. BluRay is also on the chopping block.

With the proliferation of high quality digital video, dvds are basically best for backing up important data as a hard copy, as hard drives will ultimately fail. At least half of my video downloads are digital source, and I watch them with my media player on my home theater system.

I will continue to make my archive vids dvd compliant for now, but sooner than later I will be uploading in digital format, to meet the needs of traders.

I too hope that the Trader's Den will consider this advancement in file sharing.
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