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introductions and question


my name is Sean an I am from Indianapolis I mainly only collect rush Styx and Van Halen but I have over six hundred shows from all kids of different genres. I a 70% blind an cn mostly only learn things by someone phyicailly showing me tings.

I was wandering of there is anybody local that can help me upload to this site and Dime?

I would be willing to upload here and DIME if somebody could show me how to do both I would be and excellent up loader. every time I try to upload to DIME I also mess it up some way I promise I'm not a narc but even if I was I think this would be consider entrapment! DIME gets over 75 up loads upload per day and there is quite a bit there that never makes it to Dime. I need to upload to dime to keep my ratio up if there is anyone local that could teach m thoughts things they can come over to my house and I will gladly give them all five TB of my collection its has been over five years in the making I have about hundred and fifty Rush shows but I lost a bunch on a bad hard drive if it is on dime then I have that one. if there is someway to post all of my concerts I will be more ten glad to do so.

and last but not least is there anybody here that will be willing to give me and invite to rush hub? I am a HUGE rush fan and have not missed a local concert here since 1983
if there is anything anybody wants here I can get it for them on Dime. right now my ratio is decent because I sent them money but Im trying t save it for all the new Rush shows starting May 7.

thank you in advance to anyone that can help me out. just leave me a PM and we can work out a meeting.

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