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Re: If you don't know the generation, should you forget torrenting it?

Look I appreciate the help and all but do realize I'm not a newbie either. I seeded about 30 some shows at least on STG before it went down. This year I was fortunate enough to get some ins on Van Halen shows with known, low generations and stuff. The thing is, I put stuff up on STG like The Police Tokyo 2/15/80 which was well-received. But, as with 99.9% of Police shows, the "trading community" which expired in 1996 didn't keep track of any lineage. If you look at any Police list from anyone, the traders never, ever have what generation the show is.

So basically, if I were to continue to seed Police shows, all I could really give is something like this:

AUD>unknown gen cass>CDR(?)>EAC(secure/offset)>WAV>FLAC(level 5)

All I'm saying is that I hope I won't be shut out from seeding Police shows or even VH shows for that matter (though as I said, I do have known lineages on about half of those thanks to a couple of awesome hookups that I got lucky enough to find). Because what you have to realize is that with Police and VH, there really isn't another alternative. Like if I put up an obscure Police show like Milwaukee 11/8/79, there's likely no "better" one out there and certainly no better one that someone else has and is willing to share.
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