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General question about Lossless sharing sites

Hello all,

Just a quick introduction of myself so you can get a feel for my question. I started recording concerts and collecting them back in 2005-2007. However, due to life and all that jazz I took a break from about 2008-2014. I just recently started recording again and have been posting on here and DIME (ZZ Top & Fleetwood Mac).

My question is this: I did some searching around on the internet in hopes to find similar places in which I can share my recordings. I found a few sites that I had forgotten about from 10 years ago, like - I made the mistake of uploading there and apparently was told by everyone (as well as getting my torrents deleted), that bands like ZZ Top are not 'taper friendly'. I checked out their provided lists etc and there's nothing there to suggest this. etree seems to be a little too high maintenance for me, so I'm just curious, what is their deal and does anyone have any other sites they recommend to share with?

Thanks in advance!
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