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Smile Re: re attempts to share downloads

Thanks everyone for your replies.

No, I am not firewalled, and have been working with Linux iso torrents since Fedora version 5. Can you see me sure can see the port is open.

I'm new to VPN use, but where there is a well seeded file like Fedora iso I can get over 1 mb per second download. Many others will download 700 - 800 or higher.

I think popularity is a key factor, like Hendrix, Beatles, Free and other high interest artists seem to download fast.

I appreciate the site, the people are friendly and a good sense of community.

I had a membership of another private site where seeding & good ratio was rigidly enforced, but if nobody wanted a copy of what you had, admins were happy, as it was dependent on hours seeded, not whether anyone downloaded it.

I was wondering if hours / days seeded mattered to the admins

Privately I'm worried about the rush with poorly thought out laws in Australia

tks again.

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