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Re: Free Blu-Ray authoring w/ menus, also multi-cam with no re-compress?

Originally Posted by rolechange View Post
Second question is regarding multi-cam, as there are no rules listed regarding such. If re-encoded video is not allowed here, then how is it possible to upload a multi-cam video? There is no editing software that will work with AVCHD and do multi-cam without re-compressing/re-encoding the video to combine the 2 that I am aware of.
This rule isn't enforced. I've downloaded multicam Blurays from here which were originally shot in AVCHD and then edited and exported to the crappy MPEG-2 video codec. Absolutely horrid.

As long as you choose a codec made this century and give it sufficient bitrate then there will be no noticeable loss if you have to re-encode your video.
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