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Question Free Blu-Ray authoring w/ menus, also multi-cam with no re-compress?

I didn't want to bump the HD rules thread that has not been posted on in a year and a half, as most of my question pertains to software.

I shoot in HD (AVCHD) and normally any other ROIO site allows me to convert to DVD with no issues. I even take the time to remux the original audio back with the converted video after conversion, since the cam shoots as AC3 and most conversion programs like to convert the audio for no reason, which is unnecessary as the audio is DVD compatible by default.

However I noticed in the rules:
High definition audience video has to be in form of authored and ready to burn Blu-ray (BR) video only.
That's fine, sure. However AVCHD may be stated as being compatible with Blu-Ray, but not all BR players will play it. My main question is regarding this:
Blu-ray (BR) must be fully authored with menu(s) and chapter marks, and ready to burn Blu-ray video.

tsMuxer will make Blu-Ray structures from AVCHD content and even make chapter marks, however it won't make menus.
Is multiAVCHD the ONLY free program that does this? Further more, I don't even make menus for myself. Just wondering why menus are a requirement when it comes to discs here?

Second question is regarding multi-cam, as there are no rules listed regarding such. If re-encoded video is not allowed here, then how is it possible to upload a multi-cam video? There is no editing software that will work with AVCHD and do multi-cam without re-compressing/re-encoding the video to combine the 2 that I am aware of. I have heard people say Vegas will do it, but even as of version 13, all it wants to do is re-compress no matter what export option I choose, and I have been using it since version 9.

I am on PC in regards to any of this, and I am not new to editing by any means. Thanks for any help.
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