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PC reboots every hour

Since a month now my desktop computer automatically reboots exactly on the hour, independent of when I start it. So even if I start my PC on 5 minutes before 9, it will reboot at 9. The OS is windows 8.

The computer gives a message: 'an error was found and the computer must be restarted. An error report will be generated and sent. If you want to know more about the problem search under Registry-error.'

So I tried several things:
Eusing free registry cleaner (which even after CCleaner found hundreds of 'problems' and fixed them)
AVG antivirus
Malwarebytes Anti-malware

But none of them has fixed the problem.
I didn't download any software or music or whatever, the only thing I did shortly before the problems began is that I online downloaded office on a second computer, while the license is only for one computer. But surely, that can't cause this troubles?
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