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Re: is port forwarding needed to seed your own upload?

Originally Posted by pjthree View Post
I am using windows 7,a Verizon modem model-GT784WN.I also use BitTorrent 7.9.2
I followed the port forward instructions.when I got to Preferred DNS server I entered my IP ,when I got to Alternate DNS server it requires another #.I have not found this on my computer's info,router,and I called my ISP got bounced around for 30 minutes then I was told in order to get the DNS #'s I have to pay 39.99? there has to be another way.
There is. Regarding the required alternate DNS server: you can use Google's DNS severs for that: and or the OpenDNS servers: and

To check if a port is open, go to: You'll see two boxes. The top one is your IP (no need to change) and the bottom one is the port you need tested. Fill in the port you want to test (the port BitTorrent is using, make sure the option random port selection is turned off). When running this test make sure BitTorrent is running. If they say that they can see you, all's OK. If not we'll have to look further.
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