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Re: Can't download any torrents

Originally Posted by tonebloke View Post
In the space of an hour and a bit he's downloaded nearly a Gb. So what's the problem hh?
He probably fixed his download problem before you wrote your comment.
I knew the instructions in the link I gave him would do the trick:
If you read the comments, you can see it helped - at least some - other people with the same problem hanginghelmet had:
Let me quote some of them for you:
"Thanks mate. That sorted it"
"Thanks man! It was confusing for me. And I meen de problem"
"Thanks a lot. This really saved my life! I was on the verge of reformating my Windows."
"it’s working thanks very very"
"ty man )) now i’m very happy"
"oh man, your a life saver – after 2 hours of googling, you have saved me going bald. thanks."
"AMAZING!!!!! thank you very very much whoever gave that top answer "
"It works! Thanx a lot man, i really appreciate ur help…."
There are more comments like that.

Downloaded: 396.59 GB
Uploaded: 756.79 GB
Ratio: 1.91

Read a book. It’s good for you.................
Here is a good book by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt you can read for free:

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