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Originally Posted by kingrue View Post
Can anyone tell me if iPhone recordings are allowed. I have a few audio recordings made with an iPhone. I've tested them for compression using EAC and they Don't show mp3 lossy. The freq's are solid all the way across the spectrum. No drop after 16Hz. Will the mods ban an iPhone recording?
I believe that, as long as the recording was made and saved as a lossless format (wav, aiff, flac, etc...) it would be ok here. I've seen some interesting microphone accessories for smartphones that basically turn a phone into a reasonably good field recorder. If your recordings were done with the internal mono microphone though, you probably won't get that much interest in them.

You've just probably got to provide the full lineage of the recording, with details like what the app was to record with, how it was saved, how it was processed, etc. I'm no smartphone expert, but I think that there are apps that record wav files and apps that capture lossy too, so its all in the details as to whether it'll fly here or not.

Are they your recordings that you made yourself, or something you have traded for with sketchy info?
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