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Open letter to the moderators and community of The Trader's Den.

I'm Forbin117, and I've been a member here for many years. I've never let my ratio drop below .75, and once I got over 1.0, I've never let it slip past that. This is definitely not to brag on myself, but rather to say that I've downloaded 1.93 TB from this site and I've never really taken the time to thank all of you, tapers and torrenters and seeders and leeches. I've amassed a collection over the years that fills 3 external drives. A lot of it came from here.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

I listened to crap in high school. Got worse in the Navy. Chanced to hear Phish at just the right time and began to really be interested in the MUSIC. Phish has taught me a great deal about music, one of which is to never dismiss an artist or group without listening. I even listened to Nickelback before I dismissed them. This site has helped me to broaden my musical horizons a great deal. I know how hard you tapers work so I can hear moments of musical ecstasy. Thanks again.

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