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Re: How do you organize your music on your comp?

Yeah, I've heard both sides. Some swear they can hear the difference, some say it's not noticeable. I can see going lossy if you're putting it on a portable player, but it seems that if you go through all the quality control and then the copy you actually use for listening isn't the best one then it seems like a bit of mental masturbation. It's there on the shelf to look at but not to touch. Kind of like when I grab more shows than I can even listen to...
But I know I can hear the difference between analog/vinyl and digital/cd and much prefer analog/vinyl but the world went digital and it certainly is easier to deal with and keep intact. My fear is that everyone is out buying mp3s for $0.99 a song, which I think is a crime punishable by... something, and which really isn't cheap considering it's lesser quality and distribution costs are mimimal, and that the world will continue to go that way. RainDawg, I know that's not what you're doing and not the issue that spawned my question, but my mind has wandered here now, and in general, I worry that the masses continue to settle for lesser quality in everything in life and it's really sad. And we're so out of control really, with what the new technology will be that dominates, or anything else for that matter. Okay, I'm depressed. I'm going back to bed.
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